Why Buy a Property at Auction?


Large volumes of similar stock are offered at the same time suiting property professionals looking to build portfolios. Vendors are motivated to achieve sales and we ensure pricing is competitive.

Equal Opportunity

All bidders are on the same level playing field. The property is available for sale on a set day for all interested parties so everyone can have an equal chance of buying. Bidding is conducted in a public Auction room. You can see who is bidding and how much they pay.

No Over Bidding

You will only ever pay one bid higher than the under bidder compared with traditional closed tender where the winning bidder may be substantially higher than the under bidder.

Safe Purchasing

There is no danger of the vendor 'pulling out' as the contract of sale is binding as soon as the gavel falls. A missive is concluded on the fall of the hammer and the purchase is completed in a known timescale.

More Choice

Auctions often offer a unique mix of properties not easily found through estate agency and can include repossessions or properties in need of renovation or modernisation.

Motivated Vendors

A vendor may consider an offer before or after the auction providing the sale proceeds on Auction terms and a suitable price is agreed. Contact us if you wish to offer on any property and we will negotiate with the vendor on your behalf.


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