Immediate Proxy Offer Terms

By submitting the form you hereby instruct and authorise Future Auctions Ltd to bid on your behalf in accordance with the Terms and Conditions of the auction and further understand that should your bid be successful the offer will be binding upon you and the necessary payment will be taken from your provided payment card.

Your payment will only be processed if your offer is accepted by the vendor or an acceptable price is negotiated. If your offer is accepted and reservation fee made the auctioneers will hold an auction on that date which the property will be re-allocated to for sale.

Once your payment is made it is non-refundable as all negotiations with other bidding parties will cease immediately.

Your payment is held as a reservation fee until the specified auction date for this property where it is put forward as a deposit payment. The auctioneers will allocate a representative to sign the auction contract on your behalf. Your reservation fee is non refundable if an accepted offer is withdrawn prior to the auction.

The amount payable is 10% of a successful offer price (Subject to a minimum of £3,000) PLUS the buyers administration fee equal to 1.25% + vat of the agreed sale price subject to a minimum of £2,500 + vat. There is no vat payable on the deposit amount. Vat is only charged on the buyers administration fee. If your offer is NOT accepted then your card will not be charged and your card details and personal information will be securely disposed of.

A member of our sales team will phone you shortly after you submit your offer form to take the last 4 digits of your card and verify your bid. Please ensure your correct phone number and contact details are specified. Your bid will not be submitted to the vendors until we have spoken to you to take these details.

No Charge for Cards. We accept Mastercard, Visa, Switch & Visa Delta payment cards. We do not accept American Express.